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Ek Nishaan Akshardham (Gujarati)

Ek Nishaan Akshardham is a collection of three excellent, thoughtful and inspiring essays on the basis of Vachnamrut delineating a clear spiritual goal in one's spiritual sadhana.

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Based on the Vachanamrut, the foremost shastra of the Swaminarayan Sampraday, each essay provides an in-depth analysis of the subject in the author's unique and entertaining style. The first essay, The Source of Happiness, based on Vachanamrut Panchala-1 is an invaluable key to finding happiness. The second essay, One Aim - Akshardham, based on Vachanamrut Gadhada 2-22, is a clear manifesto of life and desires that one must harbor, that is the attainment of the abode of the Supreme: Akshardham. The last and the third essay, The 16 Elements for Attaining Happiness, based on Vachanamrut Gadhada 3-24, is an invaluable guide to the truest means to attain one thing that the whole world strives to find: happiness in the true sense. Full of interesting insights, amusing anecdotes, inspiring quotations and experience-based guidance, this publication is a must have for all spiritual aspirants.

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Author(s) Sadhu Viveksagardas
Book Category Religion & Spirituality
Hard Cover Paperback
Number of pages 241
Language Gujarati
Reader Group Any
ISBN 81-7526-333-4
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