Vachanamrutma Bhakti Nirupan (Gujarati)

Vachanamrutma Bhakti Nirupan is a publication in a series of books on the Vachanamrut – the holy scripture of the Swaminarayan Sampraday – which were published on the occasion of Vachanamrut Dvishatabdi Mahotsav.

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This book collects the chosen statements from the Vachanamrut which emphasize the theme of bhakti and situates them in the context of the bhakti tradition. After explaining the history, importance, and essentiality of bhakti in spirituality, the book mentions those incidents from the lives of the Satpurushs which represent the epitome of gurubhakti and parabhakti.

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Author(s) Sadhu Bhaktisagardas
Book Category Religion & Spirituality
Hard Cover Paperback
Number of pages 94
Language Gujarati
Reader Group Any
ISBN 978-81-7526-925-5
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