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Shri Akshartirth (Gujarati)

Shri Akshartirth is a translation of the unique account given by Brahmaswarup Yogiji Maharaj in Gujarati about history of the Akshar Deri and Akshar Mandir, Gondal.

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He was a witness to many of the historical descriptions he has given about the glory Akshar Deri and the construction of Akshar Mandir. His lucid and picturesque narratives are captivating and spiritually elevating. Also, his profound sense of historicity and meticulousness for detail is evident in his writings.

Yogiji Maharaj begins by writing about the origin the Akshar Deri and its divine impact upon the devotees and others. Then, he unfolds the history of how Brahmaswarup Shastriji Maharaj built Akshar Mandir, Gondal, describing the acquisition of land for the mandir, hardships faced during construction and the herculean efforts of sadhus, devotees and artisans. Yogiji Maharaj also gives details about how Shastriji Maharaj made great efforts in getting the murtis made and in organizing festive consecration ceremonies. Finally, he describes how the Akshar Mandir beautified and how the assembly-hall and Akshar Ghat were made.

By reading this brief publication, a devotee or pilgrim will be enlightened about glory and history of the Akshar Deri and Akshar Mandir, Gondal, which are the holiest of holy places in the BAPS.

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Author(s) Brahmaswarup Shri Yogiji Maharaj
Book Category Religion & Spirituality
Hard Cover Paperback
Number of pages 84
Language Gujarati
Reader Group Any
ISBN 978-81-7526-793-0
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