Nilkanth and the Swans of Mansarovar (Video - 16 GB)

This is the fifth episode of the animated series detailing Bhagwan Swaminarayan’s historic pilgrimage of India as a child-yogi named Neelkanth Varni. At 11 years old, Neelkanth trekked through the formidable Himalayan mountains to reach the city of Badrivan. Here, he performed intense austerities for three long months in the bone-chilling winter season.

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  • This 5th episode of the animated series ‘Swaminarayan Charitra’ features his awe-inspiring journey from the holy city of Badrinath (near the himalayas) to the holy lake Mansarovar (near Tibet).
  • As a child, he travelled bare-chested, bare-footed and alone, facing insurmountable hardships to accomplish his pilgrimage to Mansarovar.
  • Thereafter, his journey to Nepal brought him to the town of Vanshipur, where he accepted the devotion of the king and queen, but declined the proposals of marriage to their daughters and sovereignty of their kingdom.
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